MechaTronix launches patented high bay coolers up to 35.000 lumen

The CoolBay® is a passive cooler based on the patented CoolTube® heat pipe structure.


MechaTronix launches advanced LED pin fin coolers for tilted spot lights

The LPF67 & LPF86 advanced LED pin fin coolers keep respectively 3500 lumen and 4500 lumen.


MechaTronix launches universal LED cooler for BJB LED module

The BJB LED star cooler GH36d is designed for the BJB GH36d series LED modules.


MechaTronix announces first standard LED cooler for high bay lights

ModuLED Mega passive LED cooler is in a diameter of 134mm with height of 20mm/50mm/100mm.


MechaTronix cooperation with Seoul Semiconductor for LED cooling

MechaTronix has developed a wide range of LED coolers for Seoul’s ZC COB’s.

  LED Pin Fin Heat Sinks
Better tilted performance
Diameter 40-111mm
Cooling performance 5-50W
  LED Star Heat Sinks
With adaptable base plate
Diameter 50-134mm
Cooling performance 5-45W
  ModuLED Passive LED Coolers
Modular Star LED cooling
Zhaga, Bridgelux, Citizen, GE, Edison, Philips, Tridonic, Xicato
  LED High Bay Heat Sinks
For High Bay luminaries with various compatible accessories
Diameter 134 - 192
Cooling performance 80-250W
  High Bay LED Accessories
Lenses, reflectors, mounting kits and driver boxes for LED high bays and grow lights
  IceLED Active LED coolers
Modular active LED Cooling
Up to 20.000 lumen or 200 watts
Down light, low bay and high bay
  LED Bar Profiles
For LED strip & linear LED bar
Extruded profiles & covers
Cooling performance 5-20W/m
  LED Accessories
Specific accessories for LED lighting field like LCM SYNC Cable, Strain Relief, ...

BJB LED Cooling for
Spot-/Downlight-System GH36d
LED spotlight connectors
Fits all BJB LED connectors
without extra afterwork
Bridgelux LED Cooling
ES star & square LED array,
RS LED array, V-series,
LED coolers for Vero series, Décor Vero series, Xenio LED array
Citizen CITILED LED Cooling
CLU550, CLU700/710/720/730, CLU026/036/046/056, CLU024/034/044/054,
CLL022/032/042/052 LED COB
Cree XLamp LED Cooling
XLamp CXA13, CXA15,
CXA18, CXA25, CXA30, CXA35
Passive and active solutions
Validated thermal designs
Edison Opto LED Cooling
Edipower II SD/HS/HV/HR
EdiPower II HM LED COB's
EdiLex Zhaga book 3 LED cooling
LED bar cooling for LED strips
GE Infusion LED cooling
Infusion M-series GEN2 & GEN3 Spot Light Modules, DLM-series Down Light Modules, NPM-series Narrow Punch Modules
LG Innotek LED Cooling
LEMWM18 10W/13W/17W/24W, LEMWM28, Eagle Eye LED COB
Passive and active solutions
Validated thermal designs
Lumileds LED Cooling
Luxeon 1203, 1204, 1205, 1208, 1211, 1216, Luxeon K12/K16
Broadest range LED heat sinks for Luxeon LED packages
Lustrous LED Cooling
Lustron LL5 series, LL6 series
940 lumen to 4.550 lumen
CCT 3.000K/4.000K/5.000K
CRI up to 85
MEAN WELL LED Accessories
Standard coolers for HBG-60, HBG-100, HBG-160, HBG-240 LED high bay drivers
Osram LED Cooling
PrevaLED Core AC/AC PRO/Z4, PrevaLED Cube AC/G2
Passive and active solutions
Validated thermal designs
Osram OS LED Cooling
Soleriq S 13, S 19
Soleriq E 30, E 45
Passive and active solutions
Validated thermal designs
Philips LED Cooling
Fortimo SLM & DLM official cooling ECO partner
Full range LED heat sinks from 800lm to 10.000lm
Prolight Opto LED cooling
555 lumen to 20.000 lumen
Seoul Semiconductor LED Cooling
ZC series LED COB
Acrich 2 AC LED modules
700 lumen to 6.000 lumen
Passive and active LED coolers
Sharp LED Cooling
Intermo LED Modules
Mini Zenigata, Mega Zenigata,
Tiger Zenigata
Up to 10.000 lumen
Tridonic LED Cooling
Talexx SLE Gen3/Gen4/Gen5,
DLE Gen2/Gen3, FLE Gen1
Passive and active solutions
Validated thermal designs
Vossloh Schwabe LED Cooling
Luga Shop Zhaga LED modules
Luga Industrial up to 10.000 lumen
Passive and active solutions
Validated thermal designs
Xicato LED Cooling
XSM, XIM, XTM and XLM LED modules preferred partner
Passive and active solutions
Validated thermal designs
Zhaga standard LED Coolers
Book 2, Book 3, Book 5
Book 6, Book 10, Book 11
Direct fit or with Zhaga
LED holder/connector
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