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The Luminus LED COB arrays are outperforming the market in lumens per Watt and color uniformity

Luminus LED technology is ideal for projection display and illumination applications that require high brightness, high efficacy and the efficient harnessing of light from a small point source.

Luminus technologies result in one of the most reliable light sources in the world. Our technologies have passed a rigorous suite of environmental and mechanical stress tests, including mechanical shock, vibration, temperature cycling and humidity, and have been fully qualified by several companies for mass production for use in even the most extreme high power and high current applications.

MechaTronix has developed unique passive and active LED coolers to fit the whole range of Luminus COB arrays. The fantastic aesthetics and the optimal thermal performances of our ModuLED COB coolers are a true game changer. On top of that we have designed a double mounting pattern on all our Luminus coolers, what makes that you can choose during your design to mount the COB directly on the heat sink, or can use a LED holder for solderless mounting.

Every Luminus COB array has been qualified under all different driving currents on all our various LED coolers, with as a result a priceless pile of data available for the luminaire designers. Let us know how we can help you during the design and we will be happy to assist you in your thermal questions.

Thermal interface pads can as well be pre-applied.

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CoolBlock® SQ-01 2x2MX Luminus Square Pin Fin LED Cooler

Advanced high power LED cooling platform for 2x2MX PCB board, specifically designed for flood light, high bay and street light luminaires from 1,500 to 4,600 lumen
W96mm - L96mm - H61.5mm - Thermal resistance Rth 1.45°C/W
Accommodating LED boards with 4 high power LEDs like the Luminus CHM-9 (18V), GEN3 CXM-9 (18V) LED COB by using 2x2MX Bender+Wirth holder. Direct fit with Ledil Strada 2x2MX lenses for IP67 waterproof designs in various beam patterns

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Please check Luminus LED cooler overview for all available LED cooler modules and COB's
Online orders possible for CoolBlock® SQ-01 2x2MX black electro-coating, available from stock without MOQ
Clear electro-coating and further mounting options available with MOQ 1Kpcs
See contact us for your nearest distributor

Luminus Advanced high power 2x2MX LED PCB Cooler
W96mm - L96mm - H61.5mm
Thermal resistance Rth 1.45°C/W - Weight 230g
Black electro-coating surface
RoHs compliant
LED platform space:

Datasheets CoolBlock® SQ-01 2x2MX Luminus Square Pin Fin LED Cooler
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