Custom Projects

MechaTronix makes over 600 standard heatsinks by extrusion, forging and die casting. Here we show a limited range of heatsinks we think are suitable for the LED lighting field and limit ourselves to round heat sinks for spots and downlighters and long extrusions for linear lighting fixtures.

If you have a specific inquiry in smaller quantities please let us know.
The chance is pretty big that we have already a mold that matches your needs.

Having a design which is completely different than what you see on our site?
We are pretty sure we can make it – just send us the related drawings or samples for reverse engineering and our designers will study your project within 5 working days.

With over 1.000 custom designed LED cooler applications in the market we are not only your manufacturing partner for extruded, forged or die-casted LED heat sinks, but you can count on our wide thermal knowledge. Questions in the beginning are eliminated by CFD thermal modeling, ameliorations to get a better performance are given by our engineers and price/product we guarantee you what we stand for - total customer satisfaction.

  Extruded spot heatsink with CNC lathe turning
  Started from a custom extrusion with afterward lathe turning
on the outside for the conic shape

Inside CNC turned with level for the PCB and level for the lens
Wire feedthrough hole + mounting holes with M3

Clear anodised

  Forged pin heat sink with screw thread and front cover by die casting with CNC
  The heat sink design is made by hot forging with 45 pins of
3mm on a 45mm aluminum base with 3mm thickness
Total black electroplated

The end of the heat sink is foreseen from M45 screw thread
to attach directly with the led cover

The cover is made by die casting with lathé turning afterwards
To save raw material and silver non gloss electroplated

  Die casted heatsink for downlighter
  Top heatsink of custom downlighter die die casting ADC12

Size 80mm weight 380gr

Electrocoated since anodizing on the greasy substance of die casting gives visual flame looks

  Side caps for linear fixtures made by die casting and CNC afterwork
  Die casting by ADC12
Side caps design of an IP67 linear parking light 1400mm

Electrocoated since anodizing on the greasy substance of die casting gives visual flame looks

  Forged pin heat sink with screw thread and thermal pad
  A simple extention on the standard range pin heatsinks
The head is foreseen from M45 screw thread for direct
mounting with the led houding
Black anodised

Extra taylor cutted thermal transfer tape on the inside
for optimal contact with the LED dies

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