The Beginning
  MechaTronix Kaohsiung Co, Ltd was set up in 2007 in Southern Taiwan’s Kaohsiung as a holding with 3 share holders grouping 5 existing mechanical parts manufacturers with the same end market but different production processes.

All of the 5 manufacturing plants where over 10 years in operation and focussed on the overseas OEM market.

  The Results
  In the mean while we are proud to be one of the most complete manufacturers of mechanical parts in the Far-East.

MechaTronix’ ground breaking ModuLED coolers and its actively cooled sibling IceLED have garnered a lot of attention and positive reviews in the LED market. ModuLED and IceLED are just precursors of a complete range of dedicated and highly effective LED coolers for professional deployment in spotlights, downlights, high bays and a further score of architectural and utility LED applications.
Both ModuLED and IceLED, as well as their upcoming descendants are Zhaga-ready and have a matrix of mounting holes that allows for very easy attachment of a great number of various LED modules. Simply apply a thermal interface of your choice, put the LED engine in place and fasten with self-tapping screws and you are good to go! No drilling, customization or special mounting brackets are needed.

With not only the primary processes like die casting, extrusion, forging and plastic injection in house, but also all secondary processes like CNC, grinding and cutting and tertiary processes like anodizing, painting and silk screen printing we offer total mechanical solutions to our customers from various market fields.

  The Next Steps
  In early 2011 the next step was made with the acquisition of a complete assembly company.
The production lines and various assembly equipment are integrated in MechaTronix what gives us the possibility to service our customers with total solutions including the electro-mechanical assembly of their units.
The current assembly lines are recently expanded with all the needed equipment for more complex cable assemblies.

End of 2013 the market became more aware of the need on using thermal interface material between the LED modules and the LED coolers.
Where thermal grease isn't an easy material to apply, we have developed a screening technique for phase-change thermal interface materials which we can pre-apply on the LED coolers.

  Our Mission
  Cost reduction manufacturing is only one of the aspects we emphasize.
We believe in knowledge to make sure our customer gets what he expects.

Therefore we have developed a proven internal knowledge on thermal aspects, design for manufacturing and quality processes.

And how deep our knowledge goes is easy to see - MechaTronix LED coolers are just that little more efficient, what creates that 10 degrees extra cooling down to ensure the long life time of your LED lighting design.

These are crucial ingredients of the final result of our mission – total customer satisfaction.

  Our Focus
  In the broad world of manufacturing making choices while you have all manufacturing processes in house is not easy.

Therefore we focus less on markets and more on service and quality levels.
Cosmetic designs with a high quality level and a high proportion of technical skills, a challenge where customer doubts it is suitable for far east production, that is what we look for!

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